Project Description



The worldwide Freakshake phenomenon began in a small café in Adelaide,South Australia as an out of control milkshake stuffed to the brim with chocolate and confectionary. Working with Trewithen Dairy, TV Chef James Strawbridge adapted the idea into a “healthier” version using fresh fruit and dairyproducts to create a wild and colourful milkshake experience.

Here is The Eden, inspired by the Eden Project’s eco-friendly ethos. Its gorgeous appearance is reminiscent of a beautiful summer’s day, and it contains the colourful super-food turmeric for a welcome energy boost.

Other Trewithen Dairy Freakshake flavours include Red Velvet, the Clint Eastwood and the Cream Tea.


For the base:
150ml Trewithen Dairy Milk
150g Trewithen Dairy Natural Yoghurt
150g banana
1tsp turmeric
100g tinned pineapple
1tbsp honey
1 lime (halved)

To serve
Whipped Trewithen Dairy cream
A small meringue (broken up)
Dark chocolate chips
Coconut flakes to sprinkle
Honey to drizzle


Blend the banana, 100ml of milk, yogurt,
turmeric, tinned pineapple and honey into a
freakishly creamy base until smooth. Feel free
to add more milk if you want it more frothy.

Next, freak it up by adding the toppings.

Enjoy your amazing freakshake!

It’s super-easy to make freakshakes. Feel free to be as creative as you like, being sure to go full freak on the toppings